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Cheertainer Bag in Box

Cheertainer bag in box is a kind of gusset bag-in-box with fitment. It is cube shape and fits the shape of the outer box better.  Capacity ranges are from 3 liter to 220 liter.  Material is laminated film. Typically these are nylon/PE  or metalized  PET  film for different products. The bag can be supplied as multilayers with high barrier if required.


Capacity: 1L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 18L, 20L available

Film Structure:  multi-layer laminated film ( high barrier)

  • Outer layer: PA/PE
  • Inner layer: PE

Key Advantages:

  • Easier to fill and discharge the products
  • Good stability
  • maximum emptying capacity
  • Lower discharge residual
  • Accommodate high speed fills
  • Minimize operator intervention


  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Soaps & Detergents
  • Inks, Paints & Coatings
  • Food & Beverages

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