How To Choose The Suitable Bag in Box Packaging

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Do you think the cost and freight of the rigid packaging you are using now are too high? And are you looking for a more economical and environment-friendly packaging product for your liquid products? Bag in box will be a suitable packaging product for you.

So what is bag in box packaging? It is a strong plastic bag with a valve, which is used for storage and transportation for liquid products. It usually consists of several layers of plastic film.

If you don’t know much about bag in box, or you are purchasing this product for the first time, don’t worry, I will introduce how to choose the suitable BIB products for your liquid product from four main aspects.

Film Options

Bags usually have 2-3 layers of film. The middle and inner layers are always LLDPE film.  So the difference is the choice of the outer film. During the choice process, the most important thing you should consider is the barrier performance of film.

FilmBarrierCostSuitable Liquid ProductApplicationTransparent
Metalized filmHighHighUnstable Sensitive to oxygen & moisture Protect from lightAlcoholic beverages, Sauce, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Water, WineNo
EVOH coextruded filmHighHighUnstable Sensitive to oxygen & moistureAlcoholic beverages, Sauce, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Water, WineYes
PA/PE laminated filmMediumLowStable Insensitive to oxygen & moistureEdible oil, Dairy, Liquid Egg, Drink, Syrup, Agricultural chemicals, Automotive Fluids, Cleaning Chemicals, Coatings, Beauty& Personal CareYes
COPA  coextruded filmMediumMediumStable, Insensitive to oxygen & moisture.          Or cold chain transportation and storageEdible oil, Dairy, Liquid Egg, Drink, Syrup, Agricultural chemicals, Automotive Fluids, Cleaning Chemicals, Coatings, Beauty& Personal CareYEs

P.S.: There is aluminum foil film with extremely high barrier. But as its cost is too high, it is not widely used. So I don’t introduce it here.

Bag dimensions

  • If you already have the bag, just let your supplier know the dimensions. Please note that it’s better to tell the inner dimensions because it is more accurate than the outer dimensions.
  • If you only have the dimensions of the outer box, let your supplier calculate bag size accordingly.
  • If you just have the capacity of bag, let your supplier recommend their regular dimensions to you. 

For more information about dimensions, welcome to our other article Two Dimensions Of BIB Bags You Might Confuse

Valve Options

 The choice of valve is related to the way liquid is discharged.

  •  If you’d like to pour out the liquid, you should choose the cap type fitment.
  • If you’d like to use a tap to discharge, you should choose the tap type fitment

P.S.: As the filling machine needs to clamp the valve to fill, the valve must match the filling head and clamp. So you’d better ask the supplier to make some samples for you to test.

Sterilization for Empty Bags

If your liquid product requires aseptic bag in box, you can ask your supplier to sterilize the empty bags.

Sterilization method is generally irradiation sterilization with dose from 15kgy to 25kgy.  After sterilization, the irradiation company can provide a sterilization certificate if you need it.

P.S.: As those liquid products requiring an aseptic environment, please try to use the aseptic filling machine.

Those are the four most important things you should consider when choosing bag in box packaging. Of course, as each customer has its own specific needs, there are other aspects to consider, such as high-temperature resistance and so on. You can contact me and let me know your requirements, I would provide a suitable bag in box solution to you.


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