How Much Cost Can Bag-in-Box Packaging Save?

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We all know that bag-in-box packaging can save costs. But do you know how much bag in box can save for us?

I have exported many plastic buckets in the past ten years. Therefore, I have a better understanding of the cost and transportation of plastic buckets. Now let’s compare the buckets and bag in box of 10 liters.

The use and cost of raw materials

Weight comparison:

10L bag in box: 85g

10L plastic bucket: usually 300-530g

Plastic consumption can be directly reduced by 70-80%.

Transportation and storage costs

Comparison of loading quantity for a 40ft container (56 m3):

10L bag in box: 120,000pcs

10L plastic buckets: 12,480pcs

The freight cost of bag in box is only 10% of that of plastic buckets.

This also means your warehouse only needs 1 / 10 of the space to store the same quantity of bag in box, compared with plastic buckets.

Recycling and cleaning costs

Bag in box packaging is disposable, you don’t need to recycle and clean it. So there is no cost for this two items.

To sum up, facing the high raw material and freight costs, bag-in-box packaging can help us save a lot of costs and improve our profit rate. It is an ideal substitute for rigid containers.


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